2007    Workshop Energy Saving in the Rural Areas of Haikou, Biofuel
            Use in the Village of J邦nde
2007     Symposium Building Construction Haikou, Modern Building
             Design in Germany
2007     Energy Saving Week Haikou Discussion Forum, Biofuel Use in
             the Village of J邦nde
2007     Heritage Emergency Protective Measures in Ancient Chinese
2006     3rd Conference of Protection and Development of Chinese
             Ancient Villages 每※Village Development in Germany 每
             Planning,Conservation & Economy§
2006     National Research Center for Historic Cities - Cultural Heritage
             and The Reconstruction Dilemma, Shanghai


2005    Symposium ※Sustainable Use of Urban Heritage§, Shanghai
             每Use and Re-Use of Heritage in Germany
2006 每
2004    1st International Intelligent and Green Building Technologies
             and Products Conference Beijing 每 Draft of Beijing Green
             Building Manifesto for Ministry of Construction of the P.R.
2004     Shenyang Central Urban Corridor 每 International Meeting of
             Shenyang Golden Corridor. City Government
             Shenyang/Liaoning, China
2003      VIP-Bau Rostock 每 Symposium for evacuated building 
              insulations Application of evacuated insulation panels in the
              demonstration project daycare facility „Plappersnut※