The roots of i-tect date back to the 1990s, although some members have been working and gaining experience in the fields of architectural design for more than 30 years.
A completely new structure was set up in the year 2000 in Berlin, Germany under the name i-tect. Since then the company has consistently produced high quality designs in the fields of urban planning, architecture, interior design and landscape planning.
The first design works in China where carried out in 2003 in Beijing and sparked an interest in this country with its awe-inspiring culture. A number of design projects then led i-tect team members to Haikou, where several foresighted clients requested sustainable and intelligent architecture instead of mainstream designs. The result was the foundation of i-tect in Haikou, China only three years after the ¡°first contact¡±. The company, however, keeps close business links with Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan.
Today, both offices in Germany and China employ around 30 people, including urban planners, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and structural and civil engineers. Close ties to several eminently respected universities and partnerships with famous engineering companies have led to many successful
projects and ensure an ongoing culture of learning within our team. Furthermore we are able to find an answer to all possible design tasks and technical challenges.


An example of the progressive thinking of i-tect can be seen in the work on Wohnetagen Steinstrasse from 2002 to 2004, which became the first low-energy multi-family house in Berlin (<34kWh/m2*a).
Having both German and Chinese team members allows us to greater understand the needs of the Chinese market and our clients and the ability to implement German quality and techniques into our projects in China while keeping track of the latest technical developments in our German projects.
One part of i-tect¡¯s success is that our team feels responsible for a project from the first idea through realization until the finishing of the interior or the landscapes. That is why we recognize our company¡®s name to be a label for designs of a higher quality, higher ecological thinking and with a commitment to improve the built environment. The company name is therefore copyright protected in a multitude of countries.
Nothing is more important than communication and personal contact in order to lead a project to success. The people of i-tect are a healthy mix of both experienced and young, ambitious members and multi-talented people (who are very popular in our working teams, as they sometimes find simple and very practical solutions for what our experts consider to be very complicated problems). Please feel free to contact us at any time.